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LAF 2021 Programs

Butterfly of Dreams

Part 01 I The conversation with our dreams


The sculpture “Butterfly of Dreams” was inspired by the uniting of the youth network called ‘Mangkabia’, which means butterfly in the Dansai dialect. The Mangkabia collaborated with Novan Effendy (Gresik, Indonesia), Boonpong Panich (Nakorn Pathom), and Jeeramet Moonpom to explore our dreams and hope together through the inter-disciplinary workshop called “A conversation with a dream” on July 25th, 2021.


Part 02 I Let our dreams fly


After the workshop, Jeeramet Moonpom, a local ceramist and voluntary art teacher designed a sculpture representing a butterfly family as a vehicle taking people’s dreams to their destination. We invite you to close your eyes and think about the hope and dream that lay deep down in your heart. Then write them down on the provided bamboo stick and hang them on the “Butterfly of Dreams” sculpture to release your hidden dreams. These butterflies will always remind you of your dream and hope whenever you visit them.

Artwork’s title: Butterfly of Dreams

Artist & sculpture designer: Jeeramet Moonpom & Mangkabia

Artist & collaborators: Novan Effendy, Boonpong Panich, Pornsadet Junchamchoi, Dansai Crown Prince Hospital, and everyone in Dansai.

Commissioner: Creative Economy Agency (CEA)

About the artists & collaborators


Mangkabia Youth Network

The Mangkabia youth network is a voluntary gathering of the youth in the Dansai district to have a safe space for self-exploring, self-developing, and self-expression. As well as for being a voice for local youth and making Dansai to be better future for everyone. Once the butterflies (Mangkabia) all together move their wings, it will create strong effects making changes to the society.


Jeeramet Moonpom

Jeeramet Moonpom is an artist, ceramist and art teacher in Dansai. With his strong intention to give more opportunities to access art to Dansai youth, he decided to open an art center called “Tiger Cave”. Tiger Cave is always opened for any youth who wants to learn and explore visual arts.

Boonpong Panich 3.jpg

Boonpong Panich (Kru Bird)

Kru Bird is the founder and artistic director of “Cherry Theatre, Theatre for Development”. Has been working in Theatre for development since 2000. He specializes in directing and organizing dramas with children and youth.
Such as Creative Drama, Theatre in Education, Theatre for Young People, Community based Theatre and Mindfulness Play. And also organizes developmental Theatre for Non–Actors, such as working on dramas with the elderlies, drama in hospitals, and industrial dramas including the use of drama activities, both in the process and the product itself. Which is utilized as a tool to develop various organizations, both public and private sectors, by highlighting the joy of the participants which leads to an aesthetic learning experience through drama activities.

Photo Profile - Novan Effendy.jpg

Novan Effendy (Gresik, Indonesia)

Novan Effendy is an interdisciplinary artist and designer with a focus on conceptual, site-specific, and participatory projects. He believes that art helps us to mediate our environment, whether as a viewer or as a participator. Like the shining of the lantern on darken, it is also about the experience as well as emotions. It reveals the invisible and gives shape to the intangible. These principles are driven not by a self-indulgent romance of art, but by a belief that art can be socially relevant. Art provides a language to render social issues alive and meditate on ideas and impressions that can engage a larger public.

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