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LAF 2021 Programs

Summoning Blessings

The art installation series “Summoning Blessings” is the co-creations by the invited artist “TAM:DA” and the aunties from Na si tian village health volunteers.


These installations are inspired by the local tradition of worshipping Mor Kwan or a spiritual leader, ‘Kate Sutthi’, combined with the local craftsmanship of net weaving. This uniqueness becomes an artwork called "Shorn kwan" (catching blessings), made from used found objects in the neighborhoods.


These artwork series are made to catch and keep blessings to remain in the village and bless the passing by visitors. Each "Shorn kwan" (catching blessings) represents the past, and the present and leads to the future stories of Na si tian village. Up until these days, “Summoning Blessings” are still expanded and continue to bless the visitors.


This project not only raised the awareness of environmental nurturing but also helped an aunt cope with the tragic loss of her daughter. She channeled all of her grief into the artwork, which she transformed into beautiful memories. 

Artwork’s title: Summoning Blessings

Invited Artist: TAM:DA (ทำดะ) 

Local artists & collaborators: Ornuma Umarangsee and her family, Surasak Srinarm, Duangnate Chamsaeng, Mattika Pudthasimma, Siriporn Hoomard, Mangkabia youth network, Na si tian health volunteers, Grandfather Kate Sutthi and Na si tian villagers

Venue: Na Si Tien village, Dansai district, Loei province, Thailand

Commissioner: Creative Economy Agency (CEA) 

The artwork “Shorn kwan” (catching blessings) by TAM:DA was inspired by the warm atmosphere of the Na si tian community and the worshipping of the village spiritual leader tradition. Among the times that TAM:DA has known the community, both online and during the time he was a residency artist in quarantine, he was impressed and intended to document the happiness of the villagers in his artworks and also share this happiness with the visitors.

About the artist


Thanawat Maneenawa

Thanawat Maneenawa is the owner of a Thai creative brand called TAM:DA who declares himself not a conservationist or environmentalist but a man who believes in a notion of circular economy and could not stand seeing usable materials being turned into rubbish.

(Thank you for the biography from Warin Lab Contemporary)

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